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Representative in Iran

Apply through our exclusive representative in the

Islamic Republic of Iran

Once you've made the decision to apply for one of our programmes, you can enrol directly with our faculty. If, however, you need more help with the admission application process, or the Hungarian entry visa and Residence Permit application process, you can choose to use an education agent.

An education agent can tell you about your options for studying at our Faculty and assist with your visa and applications. In many cases, agents have had experience studying in Hungary and can share their experiences with you. In addition, because they are dealing every day with application and visa application requirements they will be able to give you guidance for your particular situation.

Please send an e-mail to international@btk.elte.hu, and we would be happy to direct you to our representative.

Falinora Kft.
(in Hungary and Iran)

as Exclusive Legal Representative in Iran
for Pre-University Courses
and Authorized Representative
for all degree programs

If you are an applicant holding Iranian citizenship regardless of your place of residence, please contact our legal representative concerning further information on admissions, mentoring, visa assistance, accommodation, pre- and post-arrival services, local guidance, on-the-spot assistance with the Hungarian and foreign authorities, and other procedures:


فالینورا کمپانی افتخار دارد به عنوان تنها نماینده انحصاری دانشگاه الته علوم انسانی در ایران و مجارستان به دانشجویان در رشته های علوم انسانی و پیش دانشگاهی ، دوره های زبان به صورت مختلف خدمات رسانی نماید. از آنجا که دانشجویان گرامی نیازمند مشاوره و خدمات ثبت نام و محل اقامت در بدو ورود میباشند، ما توانسته ایم خدمات شایانی را از سال 2016 عرضه نماییم. 

امید است پس از این خدمات هرچه بهتر و مستمر خود را در این زمینه به شما عزیزان مبذول نماییم.

شما میتوانید برای درخواست پذیرش و مشاوره رایگان برای ما ایمیل فرستاده و یا با ما تماس بگیرید.

نماینده انحصاری دانشکده در شرکت فالینورا

خانم کریمی

+36 70 235 7040

با ما مکاتبه کنید

Email: falinorakft@gmail.com

Website: budapestuni.com

Official representative: Ms Fahimeh KARIMI (in Budapest)
Phone number (also Viber, IMO,  Whatsapp): +36 70 357 0400
Official e-mail address:

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