COVID information

Information on COVID-19

Information on COVID-19
ELTE Faculty of Humanities is preparing for fully offline education from September 2021 with careful safety measures.
The ELTE Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body (JOKT) strongly recommends for all University Citizens and university applicants to take the opportunity to be vaccinated. They draw the attention of University Citizens to the fact that from the first semester of the 2021/2022 Academic Year, the lack of vaccination protection alone will not entitle our students to have an exceptional study schedule with distance education. All university events can be attended only with a proof of immunity.
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Changes in restrictions (from 3 July 2021)

- changes in bold

  • no ​​​​curfew further on
  • using a mask is not obligatory anymore BUT: using a mask is still obligatory inside hospitals and all health institutions + social institutions
  • shops can be open as they wish
  • all leisure facilities like cinemas, theatres, and zoos can be visited without a vaccination certificate
  • restaurants, cafés, hotels, accommodations are available without a vaccination certificate
  • private events can be held up to 100 people
  • outdoor events with less than 500 people are available without a vaccination certificate
  • gyms, indoor sport facilities are open only for people with vaccination certificate
  • indoor events still require vaccination certificate
  • ELTE operates with digital education until the end of 2020/21/2
  • border checks are still on
Failure to comply with the above shall be considered a violation by the Government, therefore please pay special attention to follow these measures.
Please also find below:
  • Changes of entry regulations to Hungary
  • Information for students staying in quarantine
  • Health care during the pandemic

COVID-19: Changes to entry regulations to Hungary



Useful links:

How to get to doctor/hospital?

In case of emergency:
Please be sure that you have a valid insurance!

How to get a valid insurance?

Book an appointment at Quaestura to get your insurance!
  • for Stipendium Hungaricum students UNIQA is free of charge
  • for self financed students Generali is available
If you are in quarantine and would like to contract, please write an e-mail to Quaestura ( with following the subject: „online health insurance contract – I am in quarantine”.
Please book an appointment for the time you can leave your quarantine, and note: you have to hand in the signed contract in person also in the case of an online contract.
Students with insurance can contact:
If you are a Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holder student, please make ASAP (as soon as you have all required document) your TAJ-card request at Quaestura Office:
Please note: with TAJ card you have unlimited access to the Hungarian state financed health care.

EU citizens – „blue card”

This is the free card that gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 27 EU countries. All necessary emergency health care issues are available with this blue card. You can use it at all state financed health care doctors, e.g.:

What will happen, if I have a positive test?

In case of a positive test the hospital informs the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service. They go to the COVID positive person’s accommodation, give them the so called “red paper” for quarantine (+ the people living together there and they will be also tested). They inform you about the quarantine rules. It is possible that together with the National Public Health officer also the police will appear. It is part of the normal protocol, so you do not have to be afraid.
It is very important to be cooperative. Please understand: in case of measurements relating COVID, students who are not cooperative may be expelled from the country.
According to the regulations of the Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body (JOKT) of ELTE students who are COVID positive must
  • stay in quarantine!
  • report it obligatorily to the Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body (JOKT) at and
  • inform your international coordinator at the Department of International Affairs
  • inform your instructor that you cannot participate your on campus courses (your absence will be accepted)

If you have been in contact with anyone with a proven case of infection, report this to the Dean’s Office at

In normal case persons being COVID positive should stay at home during the healing period.
During quarantine time people are not allowed to leave their flat. Please order your meal, groceries (e.g. Only credit card payment in advance is accepted.
Please consider: in case of home quarantine you can move free in your flat, you have your own devices, wifi/net/TV, can order food you would like to, etc.
We recommend you to consider, whether you insist on hospital care or stay at home in quarantine, as long as possible (in best situation till the soon recovery). Please note: visiting hospitals is now banned in Hungary.
If you have strong symptoms and are in a bad condition, please call the emergency number: 112. During the pandemic they work with long queue.