Practical matters

The aim of this section to give you an overview about your administrative duties as an international student and the opportunities waiting for you during the academic year at ELTE in Budapest, Hungary. Read carefully these pages and have an easy start at ELTE.

Important UPDATE-NON-EEA Residence permits

Please be informed that colleagues of the client service unit from the Immigration and Asylum Office (IAO) will provide on-site services on ELTE Campuses on the following days and venues:

  • 24thSeptember, Faculty of Humanities Campus (1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt 4/A)
  • 3rd October Quaestura ( 1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 5)
  • 8th October Lágymányos Campus, South block (1117 Budapest, Pázmány P sétány 1 C)
  • 10 October Quaestua (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 5)

Please note that only those students will be able to arrange their residence permit who arrived to Hungary with D - VISA (mostly students from Asia, South America or Africa)

  • It means that the IAO has started to prepare D-visa students residence permit and will handle it during the above listed dates and times.
  • Your faculty coordinator will inform you 48 hours before the above mentioned dates, whether your residence permit is ready or not. If you do not receive any message it means that your permit is not ready yet.

IF YOU REGISTERED EARLIER TO ONE OF THE ON-SITE SERVICE IAO DATES: Since the preparation a D-visa residence permits could not have been harmonized with the registration system of ELTE, unfortunately it is not sure that you will be able to take your residence permit on the dates you registered for earlier. Therefore please be sure that you received a letter from your coordinator, before you come to any of the above listed on-site service days.

IF YOUR VISA EXPIRES IN A FEW DAYS and you still did not receive any info, please proceed to the IAO (Szegedi út 35-37) and arrange your residence permit there.(Ask for help from your mentor or check

Students who arrived to Hungary with any OTHER TYPE OF VISA, shall visit the IAO (Szegedi út 35-37) as soon as possible. (check )

If you get a mail, that your residence permit is ready, please prepare the following documents and bring them with you to the on-site service day:

  • Your original passport AND a copy of your passport (black&white)
  • Data sheet – attached, explanations on filling in the datasheet are also attached)
  • ID photo (45*35 mm, you may glue it on the datasheet)
  • Accommodation reporting form – sample attached, or have been already given by your faculty coordinator (filled out AND signed by the proprietor/dormitory manager)
  • A statement/contract/ verification proving that you live in the given place:

- if you rent a flat/room, take a copy of the contract of the lease/agreement
- if you are in a dormitory, take a copy of the dormitory verification

  • (Temporary ) Student certificate (ask from Questura)

May you have any further question or request please do not hestitate to contact your coordinator at the Department of International Office.

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