Medieval and Early Modern European History Doctoral Programme

The Doctoral Program of Medieval and Early Modern European History encompasses a wide range of topics and methodological approaches covering the period from Late Antiquity until the Age of Enlightenment. The dissertation topics are normally finalized through close communication with the doctoral supervisors. The instructions of the program are based on tutorial-type courses and personal consultations with the professors. The students are expected to work on primary sources and for that, they need to have certain language skills while studying the sources of a specific language. Besides the knowledge of the languages of the historical era, students have to be familiar with the relevant modern languages as well. The doctoral students are encouraged to build up professional contacts with Hungarian and foreign experts in their fields, prepare publications based on their own research and present their results at conferences. The best graduates of the program are employed by universities or research projects in Hungary and beyond.

Head of the program: Dr. Balázs Nagy, Habil. Associate Professor