Freshmens' Camp at the wonderful Lake Balaton

Freshmens' Camp at the wonderful Lake Balaton
The 2019 ELTE Faculty of Humanities Freshman Camp will open its gates on the 27 of August.

What can you expect? 3 days of festival feeling, team building activities, endless partying, concerts, friendly faces, great conversations, swimming in Lake Balaton and more.
We welcome all BA and MA students of ELTE Faculty of Humanities.

More information coming soon!

Most important info:

  • Date & Location: 27-30 August, Balatonlelle
  • Traveling: 27 August, Budapest – Déli railway station [more details on Facebook!]
  • Return: 30 August, individually
  • Participation fee: 26 350 HUF

Registration: Click HERE! Please note that the registration is valid together with the payment.

For further questions please contact:

Facebook event: