International Spring Festival

International Spring Festival
Welcome, all SEAS staff and students, to our 6th International Spring Festival! 

We are continuing a tradition that started in 2015 and was only interrupted by the pandemic. The festival is meant to celebrate the diversity of our student body within SEAS and also provide a forum for international students who, after their Foundation Year, hope to continue their studies in some of our departments.

As shown on the poster, you can expect a varied mix of student presentations, most of which will involve the audience in some way. Then everybody present will be invited to visit the various classrooms on the 4th floor, which, for the event, will be turned into country rooms. The hosts in these rooms will likely provide some ethnic finger food and display various cultural facets of their countries.

Time: 13 May 2024
Venue: ELTE Faculty of HUmanities, Building R, 4th floor