We are international

Proud to be international

Proud to be international
The Faculty of Humanities has a long and rich history of receiving students from all corners of the world. Over the years, thousands of international students have graduated from the Faculty and gone on to pursue successful careers in their selected fields.

With almost 400 international students representing 60+ different nations drawn to its outstanding academic programs, the Faculty of Humanities is located at the heart of Budapest and at “the gates of Europe”. On three academic levels (pre-university, Bachelor and Master level), students can choose from over 25 degree programs. Additionally, four Doctoral schools offer a total of 70+ PhD programs.

In 2019, the Faculty of Humanities welcomed approximately 450 incoming exchange students, including 300 Erasmus+ students. Top 10 countries incoming mobility: France, German, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, China, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine. As of October 2019, the Faculty of Humanities has an active agreement with over 300 Erasmus+ partner institutions, in 30 different countries. Effectively, the Faculty proudly covers 85% of the Erasmus+ country network.