Course catalogue for incoming Erasmus students

Course catalogue for incoming Erasmus students

Dear Incoming Erasmus Students!

Please find all courses offerd by our institutes and departments. The final courses for the AY2019/20 Spring semester will become available no later than the beginning of November.

Incoming Erasmus students should choose courses from the relevant institute/department they are nomintated to. If you wish to register for courses offered by an other institute/department please always consult the  academic (institutional/departmental) coordinators before (see list below).

You will already be aware that our agreements are specific to the subject areas in which they are set up and are based upon the specific request of individual disciplines. Students must discuss their programme of study with the academic coordinators concerned in order for them to see if the study programme of their preference can be duly executed.

School of English and American Studies

Institute for the Theory of Art and Media Studies

Institute of Philosophy

Institute of Ancient and Classical Studies

Institute of Informatics and Library Science

Institute of Germanic Studies

Institute of Hungarian Literature and Cultural Studies

Institute of Romance Studies

Institute of Slavonic and Baltic Studies

Ethnology Institute

Institute of Hungarian Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies

Institute of Historical Studies

Department of Translation and Interpreting

Institute of Art History