Academic English and Study Skills Development

Academic English and Study Skills Development
A HELP program angol nyelvű, tanulási eredményességet elősegítő kurzust indít Academic English and Study Skills Development címen.

A kurzus leírása:

This course is focused on the development of advanced English skills and English language proficiency, as well as the development of crucial academic skills based on the needs of the student (i.e., writing, presenting, study skills, etc.). Lead by a native speaker instructor, this course will provide engaging in-class activities and useful homework assignments. Students will learn how to form arguments (both in written and spoken discourse) using support from academic sources, which they will learn to identify, locate, and understand through close-reading. Enrollment in the course requires a B2 level of English. 

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  • Szakmentor: Tartsayné Németh Nóra
  • Kód: BMVD-011.ERA
  • Kurzus típusa: szeminárium, 4 kredit