Final Exam information, schedule

Final Exam information, schedule

Final exam schedule 2022/23/2

The Final Examinations are organised between 5 June and 6 July 2023 with personal presence. 
You will find the date, time, and venue of your Final Exam according to your programme and your Education ID. You find your Education ID in Neptun under My data/Personal information
Final Exam schedule - oral exams (updated: 26.05.2023)

Requirements for taking the Final Examination

Pre-degree certificate (absolutorium): all credits completed that are required in your curriculum. You have to complete all your exams, and check if you received all your grades in Neptun maximum 3 days before the Final Exam date. Please note that the Thesis writing seminar, Tutorial seminar, or Consultation regarding your Thesis are also included in the required credit amount if it is listed in your curriculum, therefore you should also receive a grade for it. Check the programme requirements.

This is NOT a separate certificate, it just means that your student status is changed for “absolved” in Neptun. Please note: with this, your student status ends.

Please contact your coordinator at the Office of Educational Affairs via email on the first working day after receiving your last grade in Neptun, and no later than three working days before your Final Examination:

Ms Emese Kertész, undergraduate and graduate programme coordinator:

Deregistration from the Final Exam is possible until 72 hours prior to the start of the examination. If you would like to deregister, contact your coordinator from your email address recorded in Neptun.

Final Exam period

The Final Examinations will be organised between 5 June and 6 July 2023, the schedule of the Final Examination is going to be published in mid-May. The dates and committees of the Final Examination will be announced on this webpage. You have to complete all your exams, and receive all your grades maximum 3 days before the Final Exam date.

Financial obligations, credit exceeding fee

In case you have any pending payments towards the university, you have to settle the debt 3 days prior to your Final Exam the latest (Academic Regulations Section 81/7). Unless you complete the pending payments, you will not be allowed to take your Final Examination. For more information about finances, please visit:

Guide for Neptun payments:

Please note that the official administrative and service fees are issued mostly by the Office of Educational Affairs (except for dormitory fees, sport course payments, or scholarship paybacks).

In case you still have questions after reading the guide, you can turn to Mr. László Főgler at the Office of Educational Affairs (

Library books

You need to return all books that you have borrowed from the university library three days prior to your Final Exam the latest, otherwise you are not allowed to take the exam (Academic Regulations Section 137/A/2). You also have to settle all financial obligations towards ELTE libraries.

Obligations to the Film Studio

Students are not allowed to take the Final Examination if they have financial or other kind of obligations (e.g. unreturned items) to the Film Studio (Academic Regulations Section 81. (7))