Medieval Hungarian History Doctoral Programme

The Ph.D. Program in Medieval Hungarian History is available for those who possess an MA degree in History and/or Latin, Archival Sciences, Archaeology, Ethnography, Art History, or Museology and are interested in medieval Hungarian history. 

The primary aim of the program is that the Ph.D. students acquire special knowledge and skills that will help them while researching medieval Hungarian history, primarily with the help of written sources. The second aim is to enable the students to actively contribute to the development of Hungarian medieval studies. During the courses, doctoral students get acquainted with modern and traditional research methods based on Hungarian and international scientific literature, from the fields of Diplomatics, Paleography, Sphragistics and Heraldry, Church History, Historiography, Institutional History, Cultural History, History of Ideas, Economic and Social History, and Historical Geography. During the training, students will also get acquainted with the special historical features of Transylvania, Slavonia, and Croatia.

The program cooperates with the Auxiliary Sciences of History Doctoral Program and works with medieval archeologists from the Insitute of Archeology, but it is also open to other programs. The program ensures that students consult with researchers from other Hungarian and foreign institutions as well.

Head of Programme:

Gábor Thoroczkay PhD, Habil. associate professor

1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6–8.