Call for application: National Higher Educatonal Scholarship 2024/25

Call for application: National Higher Educatonal Scholarship 2024/25
The primary aim of the National Higher Educational Scholarship is to provide financial as well as moral support to students who have accomplished exceptional scholarly or academic achievements.

State-funded (scholarship holders) and self-financed full-time students pursuing studies in Bachelor’s (BA), Master’s (MA) or undivided programmes who have registered for at least two semesters, and gained at least 55 credits in their current or previous studies are eligible to apply for the National Higher Educational Scholarship. Credits gained during the last two active semesters at ELTE BTK or at any other Faculty of ELTE can be calculated for the 55 necessary credits, points can be assigned only for these credits.

The National Higher Educational Scholarship shall be awarded for a full academic year that is for 10 months and the scholarship’s monthly amount is HUF 40.000.

The National Higher Educational Scholarship can be obtained through the application process. The application must be handed in exclusively in Neptun, in form of a Neptun request. The request will be available for students in Neptun from 3 June 2024 8:00, until 4 July 2024, 8:00 under Administration/Requests with the title “National Higher Educational Scholarship – 2024/25”.

Only grades administered in Neptun until 5 July 2024 can be taken into consideration during the evaluation process!

Applicants will be able to provide corrections (submit missing documents) from 26 June 2024 until 5 July 2024, 16:00 through Neptun. Applicants may submit missing documents no more than once during the application process.

The following official forms (filled in and signed) must be attached to the application:

  • form for application (points chart),
  • data form for application,
  • declaration,
  • in addition, you also have to attach:
    • two signed recommendation letters from teachers of the relevant field (if the letter is electronically signed (the name of the teacher is typed), please include ‘s.k.’ or ‘sgd.’ next to the name),

The application is invalid without the above-mentioned documents.

The transcript of the last two active semesters will be automatically attached to the Neptun request by the Office of Educational Affairs. Students have no duties regarding this.

Applications handed in within the deadline will be ranked by the Educational Committee, and the Office of Educational Affairs will inform applicants about the results through Neptun on 10 July 2024 (Wednesday).

Call for Applications