Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Student, Prospective Student, Colleague,

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions menu. We collected a set of frequent questions during the years we have been working with international students with the intention to help you have a better experience at ELTE Faculty of Humanities. We designed the answers to specifically our students clearly and briefly to be easy and quick to understand. The collection is being extended continuously. Please write to our colleauges if you have any suggestions or ideas for the development of the collection.

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You can find various topics in the submenu points above. Each of them contains a set of questions and answers. Sometimes the answers relate to each other, and many times you can find links that guide you to another page or document for further information.

How can you contact the colleagues if you have further questions or suggestions?

If you have read all relevant questions and answers, and you still have questions, please turn to our colleagues.

The easiest way is to write an email to us. Please find our email addresses on this page.



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