Pastoral service

pastoral services

Pastoral service

Pastoral service

It is particularly important for students studying in Hungary, living far from their families and their familiar cultural environment, to be able to participate in the pastoral services provided by the Church in order to exercise their faith. 

Thanks to the agreement between Eötvös Loránd University and Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU), foreign students at ELTE have access to the pastoral services of PPCU. The vast majority of services are free of charge for both Hungarian and international students of PPCU and ELTE. Students can participate in many available spiritual programmes (some of which are in English), including:

  • Individual and small group exercises
  • holy masses in English, 
  • keeping faith groups (online)
  • spirituality days, spiritual practice weekends during during major Catholic holidays,
  • preparation for sacraments (baptism, confirmation)
  • leisure and cultural programs: excursion, film clubs
  • lectures, roundtable discussions on Christianity, spirituality


PPCU university chaplain: Father Alessandro Caprioli 
Telephone: 06 20 828 01 44

For further information and contact details, please visit the PPCU University Chaplaincy page.