Apply for our doctoral programmes

Apply for our doctoral programmes
Interested in research and academic career? Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)'s Doctoral Schools in the Faculty of Humanities offer a comprehensive range of disciplines. Apply for one of our 74 doctoral programmes by 6 May 2024! 

Our Doctoral Schools in Philosophy, Literary Studies, Linguistics, and History provide full disciplinary coverage and uphold high professional standards. The programmes stand at the forefront of almost all traditional and modern research trends, offering unique training opportunities for the next generation of researchers in many academic disciplines. 

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Academic base in the heart of Budapest 

Under the guidance of distinguished academics, students will develop their research topics, enhanced by regular consultations. These research workshops introduce them to the latest national and international literature, research findings, and methodologies. 

Throughout their studies, students engage with the professional community, fulfilling publication requirements and benefiting from both university and external funding opportunities for their research. 

We offer opportunities for young researchers to present themselves 

We are dedicated to providing platforms for young researchers to showcase their work. Our annual series of conferences allows doctoral students to present their research topics and findings, fostering networking opportunities and skill development essential for a scientific career. In every year nearly 100 doctoral and postgraduate students have launched their careers through our programs, with many participating in international projects. 

Applications for ELTE Faculty of Humanities doctoral programmes are open until 6 May 2024. Take the next step of your academic journey with us! Apply now!