Guidelines for Applicants for the English Foundation Programme (valid from September 2022)

After we have checked your documents in Dream Apply an ORAL TEST takes place to check your level of language competence.

(Note: We only accept applicants at or above A2 according to CEFR. We do not accept (total) beginners or advanced speakers of the language.)

Oral test

A short interview with the teaching staff. It lasts about 10-15 minutes, there is no retake.

You will have a 10 minute window when you will be expected to take the test. The examiner will call you in skype (using the skype ID you gave us in your profile, beginning with live: ) at the designated time. The call will be repeated if there is no answer. After the second call, no further calls will be made. The admission procedure will be over for you at this point. Note: you will be picking your time slot for the oral interview (shown in your local time), so make sure you can keep it. This is your responsibility and yours only.


  • stable internet connection
  • laptop or PC (absolutely no phones for the interview)
  • absolutely no headphones or earplugs
  • a camera switched on during the whole interview (this is an absolute must, no excuses)
  • download and install skype on your PC/laptop (include your skype ID in your application when you give us your personal details in Dream Apply beginning with live: ). We will not double check before the exam if the skype ID exists. Giving us a correct skype ID is your responsibility alone.
  • have your passport ready (Be prepared to show the same passport you have previously uploaded to Dream Apply to our staff on camera.)
  • have no one else in the room when you take the exam
  • run a test call with someone you know using the skype ID (beginning with live: ) you gave us

If you fail to observe these requirements, you will be disqualified.

What happens if you have technical problems at the oral interview?

  • If this happens, you will have to prove to us that you had a technical malfunction (screenshots with clearly visible dates or a note from wifi provider)
  • You can try ONE more time. If you miss it, your application will be dropped. You will be able to reapply in the next admission period (next semester).

What will the oral exam be about?

You will receive points for:

  • General short conversation: introducing yourself, your interests, your current studies. Do not learn a text, speak freely answering the questions you receive.
  • Focused, longer conversation on the clarity of future plans for studying in Hungary: we will ask you about your plans with the foundation course in Hungary, your goals with this programme (BA/MA studies that lie in the future for you, etc.). Do not learn a text, do not talk to us about the beautiful scenery of Hungary, you will have to answer short prompt questions that relate to your academic interests.

To get admitted to the programme

  • You have to pass the oral test above 51% (if you fail any part, your application will be dropped from evaluation in the current admission period.)


You will automatically fail the entrance examination if you

  • Have someone take the exam on your behalf
  • Do not show your passport during the oral exam
  • Use a phone during the oral exam
  • Wear headphones/earplugs during the oral exam
  • Have no camera switched on all the time during the interview
  • Have someone in the room with you when you take the oral exam
  • Have someone help you in any other way

Work with us for mutual satisfaction. We deal with hundreds of applications. We know you are stressed out and want to complete the evaluation process as fast as possible, so let’s work on it together:

  • Always double check the data you provide in Dream Apply (do not misspell, leave out or scramble any data as this will exclude you from evaluation)
  • Do not write abusive, demanding or repeated emails to our staff for reasons of failed/missed exams. After we have dealt with a concern you have raised, we will disregard any further email from you in the same matter. This is no sign of disrespect on our part. We have other applications to deal with
  • If you receive an answer that you find unsatisfactory, please do not write to other email addresses you find on our site (this will not help your cause, as our team will always try their best to help you in your query)
  • Do not have others (parents, friends, etc.) complete your application on your behalf
  • Do not have others complete the entrance exam for you
  • Always check your email account (including the spam folder)
  • Observe deadlines (there are no ‘soft’ deadlines in evaluation). A missed deadline is a missed opportunity
  • When we ask you to complete your tasks, do not disregard our warnings and advice (as this will also result in rejection and unwanted stress)
  • Make sure you have stable internet/WiFi and good quality camera. We understand sometimes you have to travel to an internet spot to complete a test. If so, please plan well in advance, check transportation possibilities, etc.
  • Try understanding that a missed deadline, a document you failed to submit, etc. means your application will be dropped from evaluation. If this happens, we advise you to reapply in the next admission period
  • If you do not show up at the designated time, your application will be failed (a screenshot will be made in case of a no show)
  • Do not question our competence in handling the examination: we have a dedicated staff working on this exam
  • If you receive our rejection saying that no email will be answered in the subject of your failed oral exam, please understand NO email will be answered in this matter (we will be happy see your repated application in the next admission period)