Welcome to our new students

Orientation and other useful information

Welcome to our new students
Dear Students,
Here you will find all necessary information soon about the start of the spring semester 2023/24 and the Orientation Week.
Please check the given links and contents for learning more about the university and life in Hungary.

Orientation Week

The Orientation Week is organized for new international students at ELTE Faculty of Humanities at the beginning of each academic semester.

Our programme is designed to introduce you to the Faculty, staff, and organizations you will have contact with during your stay at ELTE in Budapest. It also provides information and advice that will assist you in adjusting to the learning environment of the University and to the life in Budapest and Hungary.
  • Date: 5-9 February 2024
  • Location: on campus
  • Orientation Week Programme: TBA

Online Pre-Orientation

The online pre-orientation is intended to help our new students prepare for the semester, course registration, and arrival at Hungary. You can 'meet' your coordinators, and there is also a Question&Answer session after the presentation.

  • For Erasmus and other exchange students: CET 10:30-12:00 PM (Budapest time), 9 January 2024 via Microsoft Teams. You can join through this link.
  • For self-paying guest students (ZJCM, XISU): TBA

Useful to read

Contact us! Your coordinators at the Department of International Affairs

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your international coordinator at the Department of International Affairs.
Office hours:
  • Monday: 13.00-16.00
  • Tuesday: no office hours
  • Wednesday: 13.00-16.00
  • Thursday: no office hours
  • Friday: 9.00-12.00
Students have to book an appointment for online office hours via Kronosz system: https://kronosz.elte.hu/

For Erasmus students

If you are going to have your Erasmus semester(s) with us, you can find further specific Erasmus info on the following page:


Information about the enrolment process (Only for full-time BA/MA students)

All Freshmen must go through the registration & enrolment process, this will be the first administrative step of your student life at ELTE. The registration & enrolment happens in person by showing all necessary documents.

Registration & enrolment in person consists of 3 steps

  1. electronic enrolment in the Neptun system (done by the student before arrival)
  2. registration (in person) at your international coordinator at the Department of International Affairs (only with booked appointment, see the next section)
  3. enrolment (in person) at the Office of Educational Affairs (you can go there after registering at the Dept. of International Affairs)
Please try to arrive before 4 September. The registration & enrolment will take place between 5-8 September. If you arrive later, please contact your coordinator, and also book an appointment.

Appointment booking

Happens via our “Kronosz” client booking system. You can enter Kronosz with your ELTE account OR Neptun code and password at kronosz.elte.hu.

  • Click on “Booking”.
  • Choose which office you would like to book to (Department of Interanational Affairs).
  • Choose the Other/Choose coordinator only or the Enrolment option.
  • Choose your administrative coordinator (Mr Rezső JARMALOV - Stipendium Hungaricum or Ms Emese BALLA-DARÁNYI - self-paying students.
  • Choose an appointment date and time that is suitable for you offered by the system.

Enrolment documents:

  • Letter of Acceptance received from ELTE
  • passport
  • your original certificate of matriculation (graduation certificate from high school studies)
  • If you will be an MA student: your BA degree certificate
  • your Hungarian address (zip code, city, name of the street, floor, apartment number)
  • your mobile phone number in Hungary
  • student visa page
  • 2 passport photos (colour) – Write your full name at the back with capital letters
  • Confirmation of Payment about having paid your tuition fee
  • Your language certificate
  • Enrolment sheet printed and signed from Neptun study system
  1. For Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holders also:
    • tax card (if you already have one)
    • TAJ card (if you already have one)
    • Hungarian bank account number (if you already have one)
IMPORTANT: The documents are all required in their ORIGINAL forms, but bring PHOTOCOPIES of them as well. It is not possible to enrol in case of even one of the documents listed below is missing. If you do not have any of the following documents, you must arrange them to be obtained or replaced before the date of the enrolment.

How to print the Enrolment sheet from Neptun?

  • Log in to Neptun.
  • Entering the Neptun System, in the upper corner on the left side, please, click on “Training” and choose your programme from the list.
  • Click on “Information”, then on “General forms”.
  • Next to the document called Enrolment sheet, click on the sign “+” and choose the option “Print”.
  • Sign the document.
  • Pack this document together with all other documents necessary for the registration (enrolment).

Do you need a student mentor?

ELTE BTK offers a targeted student mentor system to all incoming students who would like to have personal mentoring before arrival and/or during their stay in Budapest.

Presentations of the Orientation Week 2023/24/1